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A concrete worker pouring cement on a construction site in Pasadena, TX

Are you looking into the possibilities of having concrete spaces in your home or commercial building? Well, that’s one of the best decisions a property owner can ever make. Concrete is among the oldest and most used construction materials across the globe.

Concrete carries an array of unique benefits to the owner of a residential or commercial property. It offers unmatched cost-effectiveness, aesthetic appeal, and versatility. Most importantly, concrete is readily available. And if you are looking for a construction material that doesn’t demand high maintenance yet delivers strength, natural thermal mass, and durability simultaneously, look no further than concrete. The other good thing about concrete is its high operating efficiency when it comes to energy. These are some of the reasons that many world-class engineers and architects are making concrete materials of choice.

Now, concrete installation is no good in the absence of a reliable concrete contractor in Pasadena, TX and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area. Working with a non-professional will cause you unimaginable wastage of resources, not forgetting to mention that the outcome will make you hate concrete – yet you shouldn’t. Instead, we will make sure that you fall in love with concrete the very first time you interact with it.

About Our Concrete Company

We are a registered concrete contractor licensed to work within Pasadena, TX and surrounding areas. Our many years of experience in concrete installation make us one of the best providers of concrete services in Harris County. Our industry experience enables us to ensure the delivery of high-quality concrete materials, besides getting the whole concrete installation process right. We also guarantee all our clients an architectural finish in whatever we put our hands into. All our workers are highly skilled. No matter what you want to achieve, including a concrete foundation, you can confidently count on our professionalism, skills, and world-class customer service. Our concrete installation rates are fair and upfront. We don’t beat about the bush. If you are looking for this kind of concrete service, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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Our Concrete Services

We are proud of our concrete services, and we will make you proud too! We engage in an array of professional concrete masonry, including concrete flooring, concrete patios, concrete driveways, stained concrete, and stamped concrete. Do you have a concrete space that requires repairs? You can count on our amazingly done concrete repair services.

Here are the details of some of the concrete services that we offer in Pasadena, TX and surrounding area.

A beautifully done stamped concrete in Pasadena, TX

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is also commonly referred to as imprinted or textured concrete. Stamped concrete replicates flagstone, slate, brick, tile, and even wood. One of the most exciting things about stamped concrete is the wide variety of colors and patterns. It is no wonder it is mainly used in the beautification of pool decks, patios and driveways, walkways, courtyards, etc. If you are currently looking for construction material that requires less maintenance, stamped concrete beats them all.

A sizable number of homeowners and commercial property owners attest to the strength and durability of stamped concrete. It does well in any environment and can easily accommodate heavy traffic.  Over the years, we have received incredible feedback from our clients whom stamped concrete has served them satisfactorily. Most of them love the fact that it wasn’t labour-intensive, yet it continues to serve the intended purpose, besides the curb appeal it gives. Are you thinking of constructing a driveway, walkway, deck pool, or courtyard using stamped concrete but still unsure of your decision? Give us a call today. We will inspect your property and advise accordingly.

A concrete driveway made by a skillful concrete contractors in Pasadena, TX

Concrete Driveways

Do you have plans to install a driveway? Or are you in the process of renovating your property, and your driveway is top on the list? Whatever it is, we have your back. We bring you one of the most durable, functional, and beautiful driveways; a concrete driveway.

Why go for concrete driveways?

  • Compared to asphalt, a concrete driveway lasts longer – about 50-60% longer! How cool is that? While the initial cost of installing a concrete driveway is a little bit higher, taking this route is worthwhile.
  • Driveways made of concrete also promote curb appeal and beauty. If gray surfaces do not sit well with you, there is an array of creative design options at your disposal. You could even go for stamped concrete for a beautiful blend with the architectural design of your home or commercial building. Should you desire a highly textured and three-dimensional driveway, exposed aggregates go a long way!
  • The load-bearing capacity of concrete is impressive. In that case, if you wish to redo your concrete driveway due to increased usage, our concrete services will come in handy. And if someday, you hope to resell your home or business building, you need a concrete driveway. It will significantly improve your resale value.

You can’t wait to have a residential concrete driveway? We can help make your dream a reality at affordable rates. So give us a call, and let’s chart the way forward.

A concrete patio that was skillfully made in a residential area in Pasadena, TX

Concrete Patios

A patio serves multiple purposes in a residential property. First, it is one of those spaces you don’t want to live without because you will lose a lot more than you can imagine. Second, patios are incredible entertainment spaces. During those moments when all you want to do is sit alone and unwind with good soft music or your favorite book, there isn’t a better place to sit and relax than your patio. And that’s not all. A concrete patio can boost the valuation of your residential property considerably.

However, to reap all these benefits, you must work with a reputable residential concrete patio contractor.  It is the only way you will achieve a professionally done, long-lasting, appealing, and fully functional concrete patio. Over the years, we have worked with many homeowners whose greatest desire was to have a concrete patio built in their homes. We will tap on that experience and skills to give you the concrete patio of your dream. You only have to let us in on what you hope to achieve and then leave the rest to us. We can, and we will make it happen. Let us know whenever you are ready!

A concrete floor made by a skillful concrete contractor in a house in Pasadena, TX

Concrete Flooring

A couple of years ago, the majority of property owners didn’t give concrete floors a thought. The concrete flooring was only an option in factories, garages, and the likes. It wasn’t considered beautiful and hence, many property owners gave it a wide berth.

Fast forward, and thanks to technology, so many things have since changed. Today, concrete is one of the most widely used materials for flooring in residential and commercial properties and public and institutional buildings.

Here are some of the benefits of concrete flooring:

  •  Its durability beats that of many flooring materials in the market.
  •  It is designed to bear heavy loads without compromising the structural integrity of other building elements such as doors.
  •  Its high thermal mass offers impressive levels of energy efficiency.
  •  It requires less construction time. So, if you are rushing against time, concrete flooring is your safest bet.
  •  The fact that it is damp resistant makes it suitable flooring materials for storage and warehousing facilities and water retaining floors.
  • Are you putting up a fire hazardous property? The non-combustible nature of concrete makes it the most appropriate construction material for your floor.

The benefits of concrete flooring are endless. If you want to know more about concrete floors, our concrete construction professionals are ready to answer all the questions and concerns that might be holding you back. So feel free to reach out to us.

A concrete floor being repaired in a house in Pasadena, TX

Concrete Repairs

When a concrete structure is worn out, you don’t necessarily have to bring it down and put up a completely new one. With the right concrete repair professional, your structure could go back to the way it was or way better than the way it was. At Pasadena Concrete Contractors, we do an array of concrete repairs, including concrete driveway repair, concrete sidewalk repair, epoxy concrete repair, stucco repair.

Our cement contractors are also professionals in concrete replacement for different surfaces, including a concrete wall and concrete refinishing. As such, if you wish to fix a concrete driveway or any other concrete surface in your residential or commercial property, feel free to contact the leading masonry contractors in Pasadena, TX.

A solid colores stained concrete in a residential area in Pasadena, TX

Stained Concrete

The beauty, affordability, durability and endless design options of concrete flooring is the reason for its fast-gained popularity. Some of the concrete finishing options at your disposal include textured and glossy surfaces, natural-stone looks such as slate, flagstone, wood plank, and stained concrete.

Have you ever imagined how beautifully crafted stained concrete floors would look on your entryway? Magical is the right word here! Our concrete specialists deliver a stained concrete finishing that not only adds beauty to the floors of your home – inside and outside – but also one capable of raising its value. If you wish to know more about stained concrete floors and the options you can explore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our masonry contractors will take you through and even help you choose a suitable stained concrete design for your home or commercial building.

We also partnered up with concrete countertops to take care of our jobs in Massachusetts.  If you are ever in Massachusetts, feel free to check them out!


“When I finally decided to have a driveway in my home, I didn’t know what options I had. I called Company X, they were so friendly and helpful from the very first interaction and that’s the reason I settled for them. They answered all the questions and finally installed a beautiful concrete driveway in my home. Thank you!” – Guy B.

“Company X got to my property on time for free site inspection and they gave me a no-obligation quote. When I called them again to finally get the job done, they delivered professionally built concrete sidewalks and walkways. In particular, their professionalism and speed without compromising the quality of their work, wowed me a lot.” – Carrie F.

“Nothing amuses me than working with resourceful and insightful people. The team that company X sent to my business premises was easy to work with and professional at the same time. They never got tired of answering all the questions I had, something that helped me settle all my concerns as far as concrete is concerned. I didn’t know that concrete gives so many possibilities that I even got spoiled for choice. Thank you for giving my commercial building a new face!” – Les G.

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